Armebi Gıda, which is one of the assertive and limited producers of first quality Bosnian pastry and Bosnian ravioli, is also the choice of conscious consumers compared to cheap alternatives with no taste or produced under unhealthy conditions.

Hygiene and Health

During the production phase, the compliance of both the personnel and the equipment used with hygienic rules is followed. We owe the unique taste of our products to our meticulously produced production that combines the best quality ingredients correctly and complies with hygiene rules. 100% beef is used in all our products and there is absolutely no place for soy, GMO and Hybrid derivatives.

Always Taste

We take pride in delivering Bosnian pastry and ravioli, which are the traditional taste of Balkan cuisine, to our valued consumers without compromising their quality and taste. We have adopted the basic principle of protecting the health of our consumers, providing the highest service quality and always consumer satisfaction.

Our Principles

Leaving aside all the facilities provided by the industry for profitability We strive to offer pure flavors based on family traditions. [/ icon_box]

Hygiene and Health

Raw material We offer you healthy products in hygienic conditions, untouched by hands and without using protective agents, by keeping the whole process from the supply of the refrigerator to the purchase of the product under control. [/ icon_box]


Our products are always superior We use completely additive-free ingredients and 100% beef to ensure that they have the taste, quality and values that come from tradition.

We provide one-on-one support to our sales points for product storage.

We supply refrigerators in sizes suitable for sales points with high square meters and potential. We guarantee and follow-up the product so that the product is fresh and healthy to the customer.



We sell in all major cities and cities with dense population.

Sales Points

Every day we expand our sales network and add new points..